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Les Pelures

Les Pelures


On Tour

Street farce for ages 8 and up


Francine and Jacky. A mother and her son. Francine's favourite hobby is peeling potatoes to make chips. Is it a dietary necessity or an obsession to feel closer to her husband, whose favourite dish it is? The family hasn't seen him for 15 years, since he went to prison for a slip-up on his route. For his part, Jacky dreams of buying a moped, the solution to all their problems. His mother agrees on one condition: they will go see her husband in prison together...

Winner of the Tremplin du Festival des Tailleurs 2021


By and with Mathilde Lobet and Benjamin Mouchette

Assistant director Mathilde Bernadac

Set design and mechanical assistance Frédéric Nicolas
Make-up Dominique Brévers
Sound assistant Nicolas Crisafi

Production Les Carnets du Trottoir Asbl.

Coproduction Théâtre de la Renaissance

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Sweat Dreams


On Tour

Sauna installation from age 12


Kahru and Metsä offer sauna sessions aboard their golden pine cone.


Sweat-lovers welcome.

By and starring Cédric Coomans, Nico Cauwenberghs, Guus Diepenmaat and Benjamin Mouchette

Produced by Les Carnets du Trottoir Asbl

With the help and support of the Province of Luxembourg; the Province of Liège; the Commune of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert; Le festival Bitume; VisueelFestivalVisuel; Arsenic2.

Hosted in residence with the support of the Town of Ath, Hosted in creation at the CAR (ASBL Maison Culturelle d'Ath); Latitude 50; La Roseraie and the MC NOH.

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Sweat Dreams



On Tour

Musical multiple-choice story in the street for children aged 8 and over


Arthus and Maxence, professional dreamers, are going to do more than just tell you about their dream - they're going to make you live it!


In this dream, follow Vlad and Tommy, two notorious crooks, on an extraordinary road-trip full of twists and turns.

What will happen to them? The choice is yours!

By and with Frédéric Nicolas and Benjamin Mouchette


With the help and support of La Province de Liège.


Is It Me You're Looking For ?


Interview with a wolf and a Wallerican.

Both live in Namur, North America. The first is a native, the second a descendant of the first Belgian settlers who landed in the "New World". A silent musical dialogue between identities that clash in the dust of the same land. Between an imported Belgian tradition, a land taken by blood to be inhabited, and an American culture to be negotiated, what place can our duo take? What is the relationship with the land when you are uprooted? What duty to remember? To whom? Should we forgive? Should we fight? Should you leave?

Project leader & actor Benjamin Mouchette

Composer & Musician Daniel Schmitz

Videographer & Photographer Fabien Gruau


With the help and support of Festival des Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert; Belgian Heritage Center; City of Namur, Wisconsin; City of Namur, Belgium; Wallonie Bruxelles International; Délégation générale Wallonie-Bruxelles au Québec

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Is It Me


Théâtre de la Renaissance
Aires Libres
Centre Culturl de Seraing
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